My method is known as reportage, which is a photo-journalistic approach where a story is told through pictures.  This style captures events as they happen in a candid and unobtrusive fashion, allowing personality and character to shine through, unlike traditional photography which can feel more staged or posed.

      Reportage photography sounds simple, but it’s not simply a case of pointing the camera and taking a photo. Reportage photographers systematically calculate crucial factors such as what the lighting will be like at that place or time, meticulously plan the setup of their photography, and then wait for the magic to happen. A reportage photographer intuitively works with their surroundings, creating stunning imagery that captures the real story of what was unfolding in that moment in time.


      I absolutely love using this style to tell the story of each couple, their love story and their wedding day. Each is as unique as the weather and the venues selected. All combine to tell an amazing story as special as they are. I love capturing all the fun moments, and I’m a sucker for beautiful light.

      I have been blessed to photograph weddings throughout South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales for almost a decade now.

      My style is very relaxed, gentle and tactful, and my presence in your day will be respectful and discreet.  I am meticulous with my planning and attention-to-detail. I enjoy laughing with you throughout your day, and I am also known to be adventurous if need-be. So if you need me to abseil down a cliff-face to grab your hero photo, I am your man.

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