Rain on your Wedding Day

As a wedding photographer, one of the most common questions I hear is ‘What to do when it Rain on your Wedding Day tips?’

Weather is the one aspect of the day you can’t control; however, a little planning and some positive vibes will go a long way to ensuring you love and fondly remember your rainy wedding day.

Hope for the best, assume the worst

It’s easy to imagine your wedding day as perfect, with the sun shining and birds singing. But there’s always a chance that won’t be the case – and if you have blinders on, you’ll find it harder to be happy on the day. It could unnecessarily ruin one of the best days of your life.

So if you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding – or any style of wedding that could be affected by rain – make sure you prepare a plan B.

Many, if not most, outdoor wedding venues I’ve been to have an alternative option for wet weather. It may be an indoor room, a large deck or other space. If they’re professional, they can usually move fast to make it look magical for you.

The key is to not wait until something goes wrong – ask about it as part of your venue search.

You’ll be able to sleep at night knowing you’re ready if it does rain.

Wedding photos in the rain

Honestly, this is where professional photographers shine. I’ve done plenty of photo shoots in the rain – and even the occasional storm. I love photographing in the rain and I’ve created some of my most beautiful images on these days.

Rain creates a soft, flattering light that makes everyone look good. And the sky is often spectacular, creating an ever-changing canvas that will make every photo different. And it’ll create some amazing dramatic photos if it’s really dark!

If you’re flexible with your timeline, we can take advantage of breaks in the weather or brilliant light to grab the best photos – rather than scheduling the photos at a set time.

As you get closer to the day, if it looks like it’ll rain, start hunting for some pretty umbrellas to use as accessories. Bring one umbrella or even eight, depending on how many people are in the bridal party! 

What to do when it Rain on your Wedding Day tips

Umbrellas look great in photos. Choose plain white or clear ones if you don’t want them to be too obvious. Or get something more striking to match your wedding party’s colours.

We can also take advantage of awnings, verandahs and other shaded areas, featuring the lovely rain and mist in the background.

If there’s only a light drizzle, you might decide to be brave and dump the umbrellas altogether!

And who doesn’t love a rainbow in their wedding photos? That’s a shot even I, as a professional, would be excited to get.

You may decide to have more fun with it as the night goes on – hitch up your dress and get out there in your gumboots. Get a little dirty. It’s not for everyone, but it may suit you down to the ground. You’ll definitely remember the day with those photos!

And make sure you have positive vibes around you. The last thing you need on your rainy big day is a negative bridal party making you feel worse. It’s their job to be positive, keep your spirits up and keep the champagne coming if necessary. Make sure they’re up to it!

Want to know more?

So don’t worry about the rain – it’s supposed to be good luck, right? If it happens, it happens.

If you’re prepared, it won’t be a big drama. You won’t have to obsessively watch the weather forecast for the week before. And you can confidently leave the photos to me and trust that they’ll be stunning.

Contact me if you’d like to know more or discuss your own wedding needs.

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What to do when it Rain on your Wedding Day