Finding the perfect wedding photographer

Finding the perfect wedding photographer for you

Many couples have told me that, if it weren’t for their wedding photos, their memory of the wedding day would be a blur. Often, that’s because of all the time-consuming planning and preparations leading up to the big day, and all the wonderful events of the actual day. It goes by so fast!

Obviously it’s important to get an experienced wedding photographer that also meets your budget, so you get high-quality photos that last a lifetime. But it’s also important to get the right photographer for you as a couple.

The best professionals in the wedding photography industry know it’s not just about what they capture – but also how they capture it. Every photographer is different, and not all of them will suit you, no matter how great they are.

So here are some other factors to keep in mind when you search for finding the perfect wedding photographer.

A style that suits you

Every photographer has a different style, so check their portfolio to make sure you like their style of photography. Do they tend to do classic or quirky? Do they prefer taking natural shots or posed shots?

If yours is a beach or other type of outdoor wedding, are they experienced with the problems that come with this, like sand and wind?

A photographer’s style is something that should never be overlooked, as it will dictate the feel and mood of your wedding photos. So ask potential photographers about this before choosing someone for your event.

Someone who listens to you

It’s your day, so you need a photographer who listens and incorporates your ideas, rather than imprinting their vision on your day (unless that’s what you’re after, of course). 

You might prefer your photographer to blend in and take natural, candid shots throughout the day. Or you might prefer that they take charge – directing the best poses, surroundings, etc. 

Either way, it’s essential that you’re comfortable. So communicate your wishes clearly from the start and be prepared to walk away if their style doesn’t mesh.

A photographer with personality

You’re going to spend many hours with your photographer, so make sure you click with them. If it feels awkward, you don’t connect or they don’t communicate well when you meet them, imagine how it’ll be on the day. The photos will reflect this awkwardness. 

Find someone who will help you feel at ease in front of the camera, and lighten up and have fun with it. The perfect wedding photographer don’t have to be the life of the party. But you do need to feel better with them on your team.

Capturing the little moments

To make your wedding day unforgettable, you need a photographer who will make every moment count.

As the years go by, you’ll remember your wedding day mainly through your photos. So you want to capture as much of it as possible – from the bridesmaids and getting ready in the morning, to the last toast of the evening and farewells. You also want the little moments – the smiles, tears and unexpected events throughout the day.

Check your favourite photographer’s portfolio to see if they can capture these little moments.

Other questions to consider

  • Will the person who interviews you be the person who turns up on the day. If a studio has several photographers, you might end up with someone different than you expect – even someone you don’t gel with.
  • Will the photographer go to the ceremony and reception venues before the wedding to scout photo locations? Do they already know the area? Or will they ‘wing it’ on the day?
  • Do they guarantee their work? Do they have a plan if something goes wrong, including back-ups?

Want to know more?

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