Perfecting your getting-ready wedding photos

Remember when no one was allowed to take photos of the bride until she was in her dress, with perfect hair and makeup? Well, times have changed and the ‘getting ready’ photos have become an important part of the wedding day.

You may only realise how important later when you want to reminisce about every second of your day. It’s the small, precious details that you’re likely to forget.

This wonderful day will go by fast, so the more you can capture for eternity, the better. Here are some tips for making the most of your getting-ready wedding photos.

Choose the perfect space

You’ll need a space that can fit the number of people you want in there – you, bridesmaids, relatives and photographer (and equipment). Find a space that will fit everyone.

Make sure the space is clean and has natural light. If possible, find somewhere that is pretty, or has a garden or courtyard. And, of course, find somewhere that you feel relaxed. Where You don’t want to feel stressed or uncomfortable while you prepare for your big day. 

Prepare the room

It’s easy for a nice space to become a storage area on a wedding day. Put someone in charge of cleaning the room and keeping it ready to photograph. (So no undies and wet towels on the bed!)

Also decide how many people will be allowed in the room during the photoshoot. You don’t want too many – just the important people for you! 

Clean up the usual surfaces, make the bed and give any mirrors a polish.

Consider what items will be displayed in the photos, such as beautiful lamps, a champagne bottle and glasses, and the dress of course. 

Prepare the photographer

Don’t forget to tell your photographer where to go, especially if you’re getting ready offsite. There’s so much happening during this time that it’s an easy detail to miss.

Let the photographer see the space beforehand if possible, so they can prepare ideas.

Tell them what types of photos you’d like – they can be candid or more creative. Don’t leave it to the day to think about what you’d like.

And if you’d like some getting-ready shots for the groom and his boys, you’ll need to coordinate that too.

Make room in the schedule

These photos will take more time on your wedding day, so you’ll need to schedule it. 

Start early. It can take an hour, or even 1.5 hours, to get the bride’s photos (usually less for the groom’s photos).

Additionally, the photographer has to set up their gear and possibly travel between the groom and bride. Then they have to beat you to the ceremony location and set up there! So make sure you schedule all that time, especially if you have a morning wedding.



Remember the little things

  • Pre-dress outfit: What are you going to wear? Leave your PJs at home and get a cute little outfit to wear before you get into your dress. Some brides get their bridesmaids matching silk robes and fluffy slippers for these photos, which always look great.
  • Accessories: Take nice photos of your accessories before you put them on. They can be displayed on a silver platter or glass surface. 
  • Bridesmaid gifts: If you’re buying gifts for your bridesmaids, this is a nice time to let them unwrap their gifts and take sweet shots of their delight.
  • Love letters: Sometimes couples write love notes to each other to read alone before the ceremony. This can create lovely photos, as you read words from your beloved.
  • Makeup: This is probably the only time you’ll ever want photos taken while you’re doing your makeup. Don’t forget to warn your makeup artist that they’ll be in the shots. (The photographer can work around it if they’d rather not.)
  • The dress: Of course, you should get gorgeous photos of your wedding dress on a hanger or mannequin, and when you first step into it.
  • Relatives: Will your mother, sister or other family member help you get ready? Having family (and bridesmaids) help you with your veil, accessories and dress create some intimate and special photographs.

Want to know more?

 Getting-ready photos could end up being some of your favourite photos from your wedding day. So it’s essential to plan ahead to create the perfect scene for them.

If you’d like to know more or discuss your own wedding, feel free to contact me.