What are the newest trends in wedding photography for 2023

With so many creative options now available for couples planning their dream wedding. It can be overwhelming to stay on top of the latest trends. One detail that shouldn't go overlooked is finding the right photographer to capture all those special moments - including selecting one with expertise in modern wedding photography. For couples looking to add a stylish flair and timeless elegance, we'll explore some of the newest trends in wedding photography today!

What are the newest trends in wedding photography

Ditching Traditional shots.

Natural photos that candidly capture the true emotion of a couple's wedding day are quickly gaining in popularity over traditional posed shots. Soon, couples everywhere will be able to look back fondly on memories made on their special day without an ounce of forced stiffness or awkwardness - just joy and smiles!

Couples are skipping the strict posed shots, opting instead for vibe photos of natural moments from their wedding day. Guests cutting loose on the dance floor and fun impromptu snapshots capture genuine joy in all its glorious imperfection!

newest trends in wedding photography for 2023
wedding photography trending in 2023

Night-time photos

Experiencing a daytime photoshoot can be difficult due to rushing and limited time. But night-time photography gives you the opportunity for something special! Adding interesting lighting around your reception venue – think Brick Lanes or Moody lights – will create unforgettable portraits with an entirely different vibe than day-shots. An experience photographer will be able to pick unique and interest angles to create interesting imagery.

Nightime photos
Photoshoot at night

Telling the whole story

Capturing love stories is a beautiful way of preserving memories, and couples are increasingly turning to photographers for more than just their wedding day. From the romantic proposal right through to growing family shoots. An experienced photographer can document every special moment along the journey! Having one dedicated professional who understands your story from start to finish provides immeasurable value in capturing those cherished moments perfectly.

a fun engagemnent shoiot
from engagment to wedding

First, look at Photos

In Australia, a trend has been gaining popularity of capturing special reactions on the big day. Whether it's the partner seeing their beloved for the first time. Or even parents catching sight of their child in all their wedding glory - these moments are undeniably magical and filled with emotion!

Couples often get anxious before their wedding and having a first look can provide the perfect opportunity to relax, share intimate moments together, and prepare for the ceremony.

Dads first look
dads first reaction to seeing his daughter on her wedding day

Second shooters and videography.

Couples are starting to think smarter when it comes to capturing their special day - no moment is left undocumented. Not only do they hire a photographer. But also a second one for those priceless shots the primary can't get from behind the lens. Videographers add even more flair by bringing sound and motion into play so each couple's vows or heartfelt speech can become an everlasting keepsake.

to Summerize..

To sum it up, having a great wedding photographer is essential for capturing all the amazing and emotional moments. However, it's important to start searching for an experienced photographer early on in the planning process. Make sure you take your time to find someone who really understands and captures your vision perfectly.