Making Your Small Wedding Awesome

Have you been thinking about how to make you'er small wedding Awesome but aren't sure where to start? We've rounded up some helpful tips for your consideration! For instance, don’t try and do everything on one day. It may seem straightforward at first glance- after all, we're talking about just two people getting married instead of hundreds… But it becomes more difficult logistically as the guest list grows larger in size. So while planning ahead by breaking things down into smaller chunks makes sense logically. (and maybe even emotionally), timing is also important - this means starting early if possible because there will never be enough time during any given period of our lives spent with loved ones whose company brings us joy or laughter that can last an eternity no matter what size.

Here's one silver lining

they're usually more intimate than large ones with people who actually show up! Find an experienced Celebrant that'll make sure  everyone is having fun instead of just yourself—and enjoy your big day in peace knowing there's no way anyone could ruin such a joyous occasion as long as we've got these awesome celebrant on speed dial 😉

Video is amazing for capturing all the moving moments. There’s just nothing like it. A good videographer will present you with a priceless clutch of memories that you will value forever.
There is also the option to have a live stream set up of just your ceremony. This is a great way to involve people who’ve had to be culled from your guest list or are overseas or interstate. If you want it done properly- get a professional and we guarantee they’ll do a better job than Uncle Pat with his 2012 iPhone.

Since you're sending out 50 or less save-the dates. Use this as an opportunity to create a ultra personalised stationery suite. Order custom engagement illustrations off Etsy for your cards that depict yourself and your partner with either their wedding venue or home in the background. Choose colours from whimsy hues so they match what's going on at any given moment during planning! For invitations try something new by mixing up fonts depending on which design feels most authentic - remember though. No matter how much time has passed since graduation day funksies is still just one big party waiting around

At the end of the day, so long as you leave with a full heart, a full tummy, a little tipsy maybe and MARRIED – that’s a triumph.